Saturday, May 9, 2009

For the little ones

A shout out on Mother's Day to those who speak for the little ones...who Twitter and Blogger and help a blind world see, so that "unsafe" and "unfair" might one day be unreal

A shout out on Mother's Day to those who stand for the little ones...who draw swords on the battlefields and demand justice - for the invisible child as well as the one we see everyday but can just as easily fail to protect

A shout out on Mother's Day for all those who hold the little ones...who breathe life where it ebbs, who teach knowledge is strength, who kiss away the boo-boos, and who will always check under the bed and chase away the monsters

To all of you we owe our thanks ...together we can create an amazing world, but if not for the little ones...who are we doing it for???

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Jim Love said...

Very, very heartfelt and very nicely written. Thanks

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